Here are some lessons I've taught on the book of Revelation:

Lesson 1 - A Singularly Magnificent Revelation
Lesson 2 - Gaining Perspective & Momentum
Lesson 3 - Look Who's Talking
Lesson 4 - My Darling has Forsaken Me
Lesson 5 - Your Poverty brings Riches & Your Death brings Life
Lesson 6 - Watch What You're Getting Mixed Up In
Lesson 7 - Give Your Daughter an Inch & She'll Take a Mile
Lesson 8 - What Was Your Name Again?
Lesson 9 - I'm Going to take care of my Friends
Lesson 10 - You can't be Voted In to the Kingdom
Lesson 11 - What Comes After
Lesson 12 - Worthy is the Lamb
Lesson 13 - The Tribulation Begins
Lesson 14 - 144,000 & a Multitude
Lesson 15 - The 7th Seal & The Trumpets
Lesson 16 - A Mighty Angel
Lesson 17 - The Temple & Two Witnesses

Note: This class is not currently meeting, it was not their choice, and it is unknown whether this class will continue in the future.  I may or may not continue this series as it requires many days of intensive study per session - unless the class resumes meeting.  At this time I am leaving it in God's hands, and attempting to use my time wisely.

Resources I have used for the lessons in this study (not an exhaustive list):
  NIV Study Bible
  The Book of Revelation, Dr Chuck Missler (DVD + Workbook from Koinonia House)
  Here and Now > There and Then, Beth Moore (DVD lecture series on Revelation)
  Tyndale Handbook of Bible Charts & Maps (Book + CD)
  The Revelation Record, Dr Henry M. Morris (Book)
  Thru the Bible, volumes 58-60, J. Vernon McGee
  The Interlinear Bible, Sovereign Grace Publishers
  Zondervan NIVExhaustive Concordance, Second Edition
  Days of Praise, a daily devotional published by ICR (Institute for Creation Research)
  Fox's Book Of Martyrs

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