Thursday, March 15, 2012

Prepping for my next class...

I've working on my class materials for the next section of the study on the Life of David… and for some reason this morning (providence?) I felt compelled to take a picture of my little string of beads that I use to remind me of the people/things I want to focus on in prayer.

I took a break, took a shower, had lunch, started some laundry… and went right back to my studies… not realizing I had left my little string of beads in the pocket of a fleece jacket I'd been wearing earlier - yes, they went through the wash.

The string broke, but I was able to find all the beads & they appear to be unscathed (how I don't know, some shouldn't have made it)… I am grateful that God allowed me to recapture the beads, I had put a lot of thought into them & they have helped me focus my prayers.

Praise God for His act of kindness on my behalf!!

Laying The Foundations...

I am just getting this blog off the ground… I will use this blog to contain Bible Study materials produced for classes I teach as a lay minister.

This is to benefit those who attend my classes, as they can catch up on lessons they've missed.

This may also benefit others simply looking for new Bible Study material.

Whatever your reason for being here you're welcome to come in and browse, my hope is that hearts will be touched by God through this site.